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Cutest Miniature Dog Breeds In The World

Small breed dogs or mini toy breeds are beautiful pets that steal our hearts. With an adorable physique and a very accepting character and dependent on their owners, miniature dog breeds have undoubtedly become the favorite companion dogs.

In addition to their adorable physique, miniature breed dogs have become very popular due to the practicality of their small size. Since, needing very little space, they are ideal dogs to inhabit small apartments and houses. Even many of these breeds have had a presence in royalty for centuries, as majestic companion dogs, which has increased their popularity.

That is why in the following article we will tell you about the smallest and most popular dog breeds, since each one has different personalities and physical characteristics that makes them unique.

#16 Pomeranian


Pomeranian dogs are small furry dogs from Poland. They can weigh up to 3.5 kilograms, classifying them as mini toy breed dogs. They have a cute little furry fox-like look. Its head is triangular with raised ears. You must provide special care such as brushing their coat daily or at least every other day. The Pomeranians are dogs with a friendly, social and loving personality.

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