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Breeds of Dogs that Live Longest

Have you ever wondered if all dogs live the same? Do you have any idea which breeds can live the longest? Did you know that smaller dogs can live longer?

Today we will talk about this topic, and you will be able to know: which dogs live the longest, some causes of a shorter life and how to improve the quality of life of your dog. Let’s get started!

What makes a dog live longer than another?

What makes a dog live longer than another?

In general, it is considered that not all dogs live the same number of years. This is due to various conditioning factors. Race is one of them, but it is not the only one.

If we talk about size, in this case it does matter. Small breed dogs have been scientifically shown to be longer-lived than large breed dogs. It is difficult to find dogs of breeds that exceed 23 kg and that have live beyond 10 years.

Mixed breed dogs are also known to have a longer life expectancy than purebred dogs. So you might consider whether it would be a good idea to adopt your pet from a shelter and have a companion who is not of a certain breed.

Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs also live less than other dogs. This is because they age earlier and generally inherit respiratory diseases.

It also matters if your dog exercises or not. Since obesity can dramatically decrease the number of years your dog lives. So you should exercise with your dog frequently and help him with a good diet.

Another factor, which is often unknown, is that the sex of your dog influences its longevity. The reason is unknown, but bitches live longer than dogs.

Races that live the longest

Races that live the longest


Although it seems like a joke, the smallest dog in the world is also the dog that lives the longest. The average life span of these little ones is calculated to be 20 years.

Yorkshire terrier

The average life span of these beautiful puppies is 17 to 20 years. It is a good number of years, but it is also conditioned by the care we provide. These dogs are super smart and fun, so we can enjoy a long life with them.


These little furry-headed friends have a very good life expectancy. On average, they can reach 16 years of age. They may have some health problems, especially in the knees.


These dogs also have a long life. It is not difficult to find dogs of this breed that live more than 15 years. Their average life span is estimated to be 12 to 17 years.

The record in this breed was held by a dog named “Chanel”, reaching 21 years of age.

Maltese Bichon

This beautifully coated dog has a very good number of years ahead of him. The average life span of this breed is considered to be around 15 years. They need a lot of company, since if they are isolated they can suffer of anguish.

small breed live the longest

Miniature poodle

There are three kinds of poodle. The one that lives the longest is the Miniature Poodle, with an average life span of 12 to 15 years.

The longest-lived poodle was called “Let’s Be” and lived for 20 years!

Lhasa Apso

This breed comes from Tibet, where it was bred to protect temples from Buddhists. They are very funny and sometimes a little manipulative.

Their average life span is 12 to 17 years, but there are many records that these little ones reached 18 years of age.


This breed is famous for being the best suited to be with children. They are very active and playful. But also, with them you will have a partner who could be with you between 12 and 15 years.

There was an exceptional case, of a Beagle named “Butch”, who lived 27 years!


The joy that these puppies give is well known. At first they were a hallmark of the Chinese aristocracy. These friends who can live between 12 and 15 years of age. Great!

Miniature schnauzer

As in the case of the poodle, in this breed there are varieties of different sizes. And just like in the case of the poodle, the smallest variety is the longest-lived.

The Miniature Schnauzer usually lives an average of 12 to 15 years of age. It is a very resistant, intelligent and faithful breed, which loves to work if trained properly.

caring for them will have an impact on their life expectancy

Shih Tzu

These dogs were raised to be a companion to the Chinese emperors. These dogs are very smart, and they constantly seek to play. Their average life span can be up to 18 years. But cases that reach this age are more irregular.

There is a record of a Shih Tzu, called “Smokey”, who lived 28 years and died in 2014.

Australian pastor

Here we have an exception, since it is a dog that is not as small as the ones in this list. However, it has a very good life expectancy, reaching 15 years on average. There is also the incredible case of “Bluey”, an Australian shepherd who lived 29 years.

Small hound

This puppy of Portuguese origin has an excellent life expectancy. It can live from 12 to 16 years. He really likes playing with children and with other dogs, because his character is active and energetic.

Well these are the 13 dog breeds that live the most and we wanted to show you. But there are others, who also live for many years.

However, it is not the amount of time that a dog can live that is important, but the love that it will give you during it’s life.

love them like their your family!

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