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How to Make Your Dog Friendlier

Does your dog go out as a torpedo when you walk with him and does not stop barking at the other dogs? Does he behave in a bad way when you have visitors? Does he have a bad character with other dogs and with people? What may be happening is that your dog has not had a good socialization. In this article we will tell you how to help you in this process, what is recommended and what is not, and some other advice on the matter. Let’s get started! …

What happens to a dog that misbehaves

What happens to a dog that misbehaves

When you have problems with your dog when crossing the door of your house and going for a walk, or when you receive visitors, it is due to the lack of socialization. This occurs since they are a small puppies, with the interaction with their mother and siblings. This is why it is advised that when you adopt a dog, it has spent two or three months with its family.

In this way, for example, when they are playing among brothers, if one bites very hard and hurts the other, the wounded one retreats to lick himself. The one who did it learns that he used too much force in the game, so if he wants to keep playing, he has to moderate his bite.

These are small things that if our puppy did not have the time to learn, then it will show in his behavior. We must teach him a set of social adaptations that will allow him to behave well with his peers as well, but it takes time and patience.

There is no learning that takes place in one day. In addition, there are conditions as varied as the personalities of dogs. You must know your puppy well to realize which aspects it should work and which ones to reinforce. Now we will give you some tips so you can teach your dog to behave.

Stop and reward

Play with him and show him how it's done

Contact with other dogs will occur mostly on the street. So you should know how to handle it when your dog is on its leash. In this case, what you should do is test at first in places where there are not many dogs together.

The moment one approaches, if you see his tendency to tug on the leash and get aggressive, you should firmly say “no” and stop the ride. Without using violence, but simply punishing him by slowing down. With practice he will associate that this behavior prevents him from continuing to enjoy the outing.

If, on the other hand, your dog approaches to smell friendly and is not aggressive when meeting a pair, you should reward him with a treat, petting or loving words. This way you can discern which behaviors are approved and which are not.

Avoid negative experiences

Don’t force your dog into contact with something he doesn’t want. For example, a child or other dog may pose a threat to him if he is not used to dealing with them. We must not impose it to come closer, it has to be natural. The best way is to see that we have a friendly relationship with that person or that animal. If we repeat the encounters, he will only notice and develop more sociable behavior.

Do social gatherings at home

As we said before, learning certain behaviors cannot be done overnight. It requires repetition and education that are given gradually. It is a good alternative to invite people home that is animal friendly. Interaction with them will make them learn that humans are good and should not fear or be aggressive.

It is important that he learns to deal with adults and children. Oddly enough, if you were never with a child, the day you do it can be scary.

Play with him and show him how it’s done

Stop and reward

It is very important that your dog has physical contact with you. You must play a lot with him, but always showing him what is his place and what is yours. If he doesn’t respect you at home, neither will he on the street.

When you are playing with him and he behaves aggressively, you should slow down the game and show that he hurt you. Then you should stop playing for a minute or two and start again.
Likewise, you should not allow him to set the routine. You take him out to play and you also finish the game. This way he will understand that the one who sets the limits is you and not him. If you don’t, he’ll think he’s in charge.

All these tips that seem to distance us from our pet, are the way to make him understand in his language that he has to respond to our instructions. Otherwise, he will become capricious and we will not be able to control him.

Plan a game date

It would be great if any friends of yours who have a dog go to the park with you to share. If you do it often, it will be the best behavioral school you can attend.

Plan a game date

Controlled games, observing the attitudes he takes, will allow you to know what things he needs to learn and what he has already acquired. When you see that he exceeds himself in the force he uses, or that he wants to dominate his playmate, you must show him with your attitude and your words that you do not agree with how he behaves.

On the contrary, if everything runs smoothly, you can reward him with a treat or caresses. This way he will distinguish what is right from what is wrong.

Teach him specific orders

A good way to prepare your dog to be more sociable is by teaching him clear, basic commands. The typical “sit down”, “lie down” are necessary for him to understand that you will indicate how he should behave.

If we teach him from puppy through positive reinforcement (the rewards when his behavior is what we expect) we will obtain very good results that in the future will help us to be more sociable.

We hope that these tips serve you, and as always we recommend that if you have any questions, consult with an animal behavior professional.

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