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How to Take Care Of Your Dog’s Mental Health

It has been proven by psychology that one of the factors that strengthens the human psyche the most are pets. As part of the family, pets have come into our lives and occupied essential roles.

They help us avoid the feeling of loneliness, alleviate depression, reduce stress, increase the feeling of happiness and responsibility, improve social bonding, as well as strengthen self-esteem.

Dogs help us avoid the feeling of loneliness

Since they give us so many benefits, we should begin to consider whether we are providing something helpful for the mental health of our pets. It is a good idea to start thinking about what actions we can take to help improve our pet’s mental health.

If you notice that your pet is inactive, low on energy or occasionally prefers to be left alone, chances are he is suffering from depression. Depression in dogs can be caused by mistreatment or sudden changes in routine, so if you see that your life is somewhat disorganized, it is likely that you are also accidentally affecting your partner,which is why we recommend to keep a close eye on your little friend behavior.

Some pets can suffer of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). If you notice your dog can’t control their emotions or have certain obsessive repeated actions, your doggie could be suffering of a serious mental problem. You have to be very careful since keeping it locked or tied for a long time can also affect their emotions.

It is common for them to have phobias, too. Although this problem does not arise from our actions and is subject to the breed and / or personality of each dog, it must also be taken into account to avoid generating trauma in them.

your doggie could be suffering of a serious mental problem.

Their reactions can also vary: generally when they are exposed to something that scares them, they adopt a defensive or offensive position, they can tremble, they tend to hide or flee and they can even try to avoid people.

Bad experiences such as abandonment, abuse or violence that our dogs may have experienced at some point can generate post-traumatic stress.

You have to be very careful because they may adopt violent or obsessive attitudes when their mental health is seriously affected. For this reason, we recommend that if you think that your dog has a problem of this nature, consult with professionals, they know how to deal with the situation.

Now, knowing that our companions may be suffering in silence, we need to consider what attitudes we must have in order to strengthen their mental health before reaching a no return point. It’s always better to keep consulting your vet for advice if there is something you do not know how to control, teamwork always gives great results.

dogs need to be socially friendly

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential for the care of our pets. Having fixed times for eating, as well as not exceeding the given portions contribute to their good physical and mental development. They must eat the right amount of food depending on their size, type and breed, since they can present digestive problems.

One of the recommendations that we must also take into account is physical activity. It is always difficult to find a moment of exercise for ourselves but once you have a dog you know is a responsibility and making sure they exercise everyday should be a priority for every owner.

Taking them for regular walks helps strengthen their mental health to prevent aggressive behaviors from energy buildup. A simple walk also helps to strengthen their muscles and immune system. So many benefits in thirty minutes of attention.

So many benefits for our dogs in thirty minutes of attention.

Tom Hanks starred in the 2000 movie “Castaway” playing Chuck Noland, a Federal Express engineer who after a plane crash finds himself in the difficult situation of surviving on a desert island for years. Except for the fact that our beloved actor always has problems when it comes to traveling by plane, it is necessary that we observe the moment when he creates a partner whom he baptizes with the name of “Wilson”. This simple ball helped him maintain his social skills that could gradually be lost in isolation.

Although the example we give may seem a bit crude, it is important to remember that maintaining a good development of socialization in our pets is very important to keep them mentally healthy. From the fourth week of life to five months, they develop their notion of coexistence.

Aesthetic care is also a factor to consider. Cleaning their eyes, teeth, fur, ears and other parts of the body is important to see your doggie healthy. Also, don’t forget to follow the vaccination schedule in order to have the correct preventive medication so that our doggies don’t suffer in the long run.

a fair pampering session can help keep our dog in good spirits

Last but not least, a fair pampering session can help keep our partner in good spirits and create a friendship between them and us. Sometimes things such as music and scents, strange as they may seem, can actually help maintain the mental health of our dogs.

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