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How To Make My Dog Not Bite Everything He Finds | Behavior Tips

Does your puppy leave nothing without biting? Do you have an adult dog with the same problem? Don’t you know how to stop that behavior that spoils your home? In this article we will tell you why your dog has this behavior, what remedies exist, how to educate him and some more tips. Let’s get started! …

My dog ​​bites everything he sees

My dog ​​bites everything he sees

It is very common that when we adopt a puppy, the first thing we fall in love with is its tenderness and innocence. But it is enough that a few days pass and we leave it without supervision, so that we see another side. The one of relentless destroyer of everything that can bite.

We must not despair. This is very normal and if we think about it, even logical. When we are babies, at the moment of teething, we also seek to bite something to calm the pain of the gums. The teeth are making their way through them, and that brings a lot of discomfort.

We have to understand that exactly the same thing happens in puppies. They are going through a period of pain that needs relief. And to this we must add that they are getting to know the world. And the way dogs do it is through the senses, especially those related to their mouth.

If your case is that of an adult dog that is also a compulsive biter of things, you have to take into account that the reasons may be different. It is no longer simply a way of knowing the world, but a discharge of energy and anxiety. We must analyze if he is receiving enough attention and if we must re-educate him regarding its limits.

Let’s see some tips that can help us in these situations:

Give them toys that are right for them

Give them toys that are right for them

In the case of both the puppy and the adult that bites things, what we have to try is to replace the object of their anxiety.

There are countless dog toys, with different textures, flavors and materials. We have to make the analogy with baby teethers, if we need them, they do too.

It would be nice to try different toys until you find out which one is his favorite. But it is good that he has variety. The moment we see that he is engaging in destructive behavior, we have to replace the object with a toy of his.

When we give him the toy, let’s show him that we don’t care if he bites it, because it’s his. This way he will understand that there are things that are not his property and others that are.

Use lemon juice

We can smear the furniture or objects with lemon juice or vinegar, so that when he is biting them, it is associated with an unpleasant experience. In this way, he will redirect his instinct towards his toys or objects that he can bite.

We never do it with substances that are not natural or that may be toxic. It could turn into a disease and it is not what we want.

Observe their behavior and make corrections

Observe their behavior and make corrections

Often times, the cause of destructive behavior is dog anxiety. If our dog is a puppy or adult, what he may be doing is a call for attention. When adults spend a lot of time alone, they can bite things out of boredom or as a way to discharge energy.

We have to try to give him toys that entertain them, and keep them mentally busy. For example, we could take an empty plastic bottle, make small holes in it, and put a handful of his food inside so he can try to get it out on his own. This will be enough for him to have fun for a while.

When we are seeing that he bites something that he should not, we must show him our anger. But we should not take the object out of his sight, otherwise he will not learn that even if we are not there he should not bite it.

We can make him learn this behavior through rewards. You should give him his favorite toy and ask him to drop it and give it to you. When he does, you give him a reward. So it will repeat when you tell him to stop biting something.

Exercise a lot so that he uses his energy

As we said before, sometimes the reason is the excess energy of our dog. We have to get him to exercise daily, until he gets tired. This way he will not have the desire to be looking for something to bite.

The most active moments of the puppies, is during the morning and at night. If you can exercise them in those moments, it would be ideal for them to rest later and not bite things.

Exercise a lot so that he uses his energy

Some extra tips to solve the problem

-We can make ice cream for dogs. In a bowl, place leftover sausage and dog kibbles along with water. You put it in the freezer until it freezes. Then you can give it to your dog when you are about to leave him alone.

The cold will calm his gum pain if he is teething. And if he discovers that it has rewards inside, he will have a good time trying to get them.

-A good game to tire our dogs and stimulate their knowledge of things is to search for objects. At first, we put his toy or ball in an easy-to-find place. Little by little, when he understands what the game is about, we make it more difficult. This will give him a lot of fun and tire him out enough so he won’t want to chew on things later.

-Don’t let him bite your hands. This can stimulate biting behavior, and it also causes confusion about your authority over him. Although it is funny to us as a puppy, when he grows up he will be more dangerous and it is not a proper behavior.

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