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Myths About Adopting A Puppy

Are you thinking of adopting a dog to share your life with him? Have you heard a thousand truths on this subject and still have doubts? In this article we will tell you what you need to know to be more confident when making this important decision. We will tell you which myths are true and which are lies, what you really need to know and some more tips. Let’s get started! …

You need time for your dog

You need time for your dog

This is very true and you need to consider it very carefully before adopting a pet. Will you have the time to dedicate and give him the care he needs? Did you consider that you should feed him, take care of his health, play with him and share time daily?

Usually we get the idea of ​​adopting a dog after watching a beautiful story on the news or a movie. We see ourselves running through a meadow while our dog follows us and we laugh. But for this, before we have to consider that we have taken him to the vet, that we bought his food and we had to teach him to walk on a leash to get there.

Therefore, before making such an important decision for both of you, you have to plan well if you will be able to sustain this determination over time. Otherwise your dog will suffer a lot, and perhaps you will bring yourself problems that you could have avoided.

Pets are not good for babies health

This is not true, since from the first month of your baby, and when your dog is clean and dewormed, they can share time together.

They will be great companions, who will greatly enjoy being together. In fact, pets are a great stimulus for babies, and allow them to develop their senses a lot and get used to the presence of animals.

Dogs promote emotional balance, cognitive development and stimulate the language of young children. All we have to do is always supervise when they are together.

From your dog you will find a great protector of your child, who, by getting used to living with children, will understand their place in the family and will give them extra affection, as if they were their puppies.

Dogs must be adopted as puppies to adapt

Dogs must be adopted as puppies to adapt

This is not really true. Adult dogs already have developed cognition and can easily understand commands and adapt to a home.

Everything will depend on the attention we give them and the patience we have in helping them adapt to their new life. Adopting a homeless dog is a great deed, as we keep it from roaming the street and give it a more dignified life.

Another advantage is that we already know how big the dog is. When we adopt a puppy, we often don’t know how big it will be. And if we live in an apartment this can be uncomfortable for us.
If we don’t have children and decide to adopt an older dog, a furry grandpa, it’s even better.

Because we would be giving a higher quality of life to an animal that may not live much longer. It will be to help him in the twilight of his life, and he will repay us with much affection and love.

We only have to consider that possibly it takes a lot of care, because we must take care of their health problems. Like us when we are older, dogs begin to suffer from ailments that we have to attend to regularly.

I can’t have a big dog because my house is small

This is not entirely true. While it is true that we cannot have a Great Dane locked in a room all the time, what makes the difference is the time we have.

You can have a big dog in an apartment, but it will require that we take it out several times during the day to discharge energy and exercise. They do not need more than that, the necessary attention so that they can be healthy and calm.

I can't have a big dog because my house is small

Before adopting a dog you will have to keep in mind how much time you have to dedicate to it daily. Dogs develop a routine that is not good to continually change. If you can’t give him regular walks and exercise time, your dog can get stressed.

And this is accompanied by destructive behavior and frequent barking, something you won’t want in your apartment!

There are breeds that are aggressive by nature

This is false. There are no aggressive dogs by nature. Everything will depend on the socialization that has been given and the treatment he received from a young age. The problem of aggressiveness is controlled with good training and avoiding abuse.

Many races are often blamed as dangerous. What happens is that they have a physical build that enables them to do serious damage to a person with a simple attack.

We can have dogs of any breed with behavioral problems, only these problems will be more or less dangerous according to the size of the dog. If the animal is well socialized and understands human, it will be difficult for it to attack or be aggressive.

Everything is born at home, and we must give them the affection they need from a young age. In this way they will have the emotional balance necessary to live in society.

Adopted dogs are more fearful

Adopted dogs are more fearful

This is not entirely true. Of course you can find a dog that suffers some trauma and feels fear. But there are dogs of different characters and personalities. You should evaluate which one you would like best before bringing him into your home.

For this task you must talk a lot with the staff of the shelter or kennel. They know the animals they have there, and they will tell you which one may have the characteristics you are looking for.

Also, there are no dogs that cannot be educated. It will depend on the time you give him and the desire you have to teach him how things are in your house and in your family. The more rules an animal incorporates, the easier it will be to get around without stress.

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