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Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Him

Use your gaze to tell him you love him

Have you ever thought about how much your dog loves you? Do you know how many ways there are to give him back all the love he gives you? Did you know that you can do it in his language, so that he really feels everything you want? In this article we will give you some ideas so that you can show your dog that you love him, and you can do it with a language that he understands. Let’s get started! …

Use your gaze to tell him you love him

Dogs do not speak our language, however, they have a unique ability to know us. They know how to interpret every gesture we make, distinguishing whether we are angry, sad, happy, nervous, etc.

Similarly, they express themselves with their entire bodies, not just with their voices. Just because your dog doesn’t bark doesn’t mean it’s not saying something to you. Therefore, we must use that language so that he understands that we love him with all our hearts.

One way to do this is with the gaze. Having a quiet moment with him and staring at him for a short time is telling him that he is special to you. He will return that look with the admiration and affection that dogs have with their owners.

What you don’t have to do is stare at him for a long time and from your height. He can come to understand this as a challenge, and it shows hostility rather than affection.

Use your gaze to tell him you love him

Raise your eyebrows

Just as you hear. Dogs, when they see their owners raise their right eyebrows a little. It is a form of expression of joy. If you notice, when you give him a brief gesture of approval or affection, he raises his eyebrows and runs towards you.

In the same way, when you see him, raise your right eyebrow a little or both eyebrows, it’s the same. He will understand that you are happy to see him and that you love him very much.

Take the time to meet him

From the day we decided to adopt a pet, we assumed a very big responsibility. We are committed to caring for a being who will accompany us throughout his life and will be faithful to us regardless of the consequences.

So we have to respond to this responsibility, taking the time to meet the wonderful friend we have at our side.

Each dog is unique, each one has a personality that we have to discover. With the things he likes and what he doesn’t like, his limits and his fears.

If you give him the space to show his personality, you are also showing affection. He will feel that you are interested in him and every day he will have more confidence in you.

Play a lot with him

Play a lot with him

You should take about 30 to 40 minutes a week to spend quality time with your pet. There can be a thousand ways to enjoy a few moments with your dog.

You can play with him on the patio or a square. Go jogging and exercise with him. A good walk enjoying being by your side. There are these and many more ways to share a moment of fun with your dog. It will do him good, but I think it will do you even better.

Let him sleep in your bed

For your dog, letting him sleep with you is a sign of immense love. Dogs are only relaxed enough to sleep when they are close to those they love. It stops being just sleep, that they can do it anywhere, and it becomes a sign of trust and affection.

It doesn’t mean I’m telling you to do it every day. It is enough that you do it every so often, so that your dog knows how much you love him.

Prepare his favorite food

We humans love that a loved one prepare us a dish of our liking, the same goes for our dogs. From time to time, take the time to prepare something different than usual and that he really likes. He will feel pleasure and associate it with you being the one who gives it to him. In this simple way, you can say “I love you”.

Lean part of your weight on him

If you pay attention, many times your dog approaches you and rests a part of his body on yours. When he sits next to you, he seeks to have some contact with you, either by resting his head on your foot or touching your side.

It is a way that dogs have to show affection with someone. Do it yourself too, but knowing that most dogs don’t like hugs. Simply by dropping the weight of your body on it a little, it is enough for your love to be evident.

Lean part of your weight on him

Educate him with love

Dogs need to know where they are in the house and that they must follow certain rules. This is also loving him and showing him that we care.

There is an increasing trend to humanize dogs a lot. And in this way we are not letting them be themselves. Dogs do dog things, and that’s fine. What we have to do is show them what they can and cannot do in order to have a good coexistence.

Say “no” to your dog lovingly, or better yet, show him what you do want him to do in a positive way. For example, instead of saying “no”, when you get on the couch, say “get down” and reward him when he does.

Pamper him often

Your dog loves to be touched. In any part of the body. He will just goes crazy when you decide to go up to him and pet him. Do it frequently and gently, also giving him time to show his affection for you. You will surely receive a lick!

Express everything you want and talk to him. Although he may not seem to understand you, he perfectly understands the tone of your voice and knows how to interpret that you are giving him affection because it is important to you. And like all the things on this list, the recipient is your dog, but the beneficiaries are both.

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